Patrick Corrado



21 April - 1 June 2018
ARTRA Gallery | Harlem | New York

Introducing a new form of 3-Dimensional Painting

Corrado constructs and deconstructs photographic images, symbols, colors and typography from the worlds of fashion, cinema cartoons, computers, nature and music - creating a fresh visual landscape. His assemblages are at once subliminal and explosive, bound to delight. These large scale works are precise and paradoxical, like Robert Rauschenberg’s neo-Dadaist, “Silkscreen Paintings.” His work features subtle - almost hidden - iconic portraits of Grace Kelly, Kate Moss, and David Bowie.
The works are poetic - with overtones of Botticelli and Michelangelo - while graphic and conceptual - reminiscent of Warhol. Corrado offers an entirely new form of 3-Dimensional Painting, which he calls “Compressioni” His unique juxtaposition of images is marked by consistent amplitude modulations, creating a symphony of color and texture.
He compels the viewer with freshly futuristic landscapes of image and form. Corrado’s works are an interplay of subject and sequence, creating a new genre of pop icon: recognizable, embraceable and completely alluring...

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