We are an Image and Comunication Studio

A network of experts in the creative sector, communication consultants, copywriters, graphic artists, photographers – specialists in press office, copywriting, media relations, corporate culture, corporate marketing, marketing, in culture and lifestyle sectors.

Who we are

Studio Battage Immagine e Comunicazione enjoys a solid reputation for an established network of collaborations with journalists in the culture, art, photography, design, tourism, theatre/music and lifestyle sectors of major Italian news publications.

Margherita Baleni

Journalist (member of the Milan Association of Publicists since 1999), she has been active in the field of communication for the past 20 years.

She has worked as:

  • Press officer for the Motta Publishing Group (exhibitions and art books)
  • Photoeditor for Mediafriends Publishing Group, Milan
  • Chief editor and coordinator for the magazines and international publications of Mediafriends Publishing Group (Italy, France, Spain, Germany, UK)
  • Contributor Ovopedia (Wikipedia Arte)
  • Contributor Gruppo Class Editori

Margherita Baleni is currently in charge of the Italian press office of the MASI Lugano Museum of Italian Switzerland. She works between Milan and London, and is inseparable from her dachshunds Vladimiro and Oliver.

Mario Teli

Partner at Studio Battage Immagine e Comunicazione and a professional photographer for over thirty years, he has considerable experience in the world of fashion in Paris, New York and Milan. Art director in the Studio, he deals with the choice of visual imagery for the creation of brochures and advertising material. He is in charge of the social networks and production of videos, digital and print images.

Arianna Lomolino

Account manager for Studio Battage Immagine e Comunicazione. Front office manager, journalist pr and social media manager. At the Studio it is the one who deals with public relations with the national and international press, relations with advertising agencies and coordination of work on advertising campaigns as well as liaising with clients, she is also in charge of the social accounts of the agency.

Chiara Rostoni

A professional journalist, working for over twenty years in publishing and photography, she was first photoeditor for D Repubblica, then for L'Espresso and now for Corriere della Sera. With Margherita Baleni she founded Purple Around Photography and together they work on special photographic projects.

Purple Around Photography

Silvia Saponaro

Almost 20 years of professional experience in web & graphic design.
Culture, fashion, tourism and IT are her main sectors.

She loves to travel, photography, music and technology.
A large cup of coffee is always on her desk.

Some of the collaborations we have worked on over the years


Città di Lugano Dicastero Cultura, Lugano
Dicastero Giovani e Turismo, Lugano
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Bruxelles
LAC (nuovo polo culturale Lugano Arte Cultura), Lugano
LongLake Festival, Lugano
Magazzino delle Idee, Trieste
MASI Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
MAO Museo d'Arte Orientale, Torino
Museo d’Arte, Lugano
Museo Cantonale, Lugano
Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Milano
Somerset House, Londra
Spazio -1, Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati, Lugano
Villa Manin, Codroipo



5 Continents Editions
BlaBlaCar Italia
Blue & Joy
Cabila Edizioni
Carola Cometto projects
Christopher Broadbent photographer
Ciaccio Arte
Connections Milano
Equatore Edizione
Galleria del Cembalo
Galleria Micamera
Galleria Photology
Galleria Traffic Gallery
Garage Italia
Gruppo Class Editori
Gruppo Editoriale Mediafriends
Gruppo Editoriale Motta
Gruppo Volkswagen
High Tech For Peace Foundation


I Bamboli Gioielli
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
Le Book Paris
Libreria Antiquaria Tomasetig
Magazzino delle Idee (Trieste)
Musei Provinciali di Gorizia
Orto Botanico di Palermo - Manifesta12 Collateral Events
Riviera International Film Festival
Straf Design Hotel
Tallulha Gallery
V&A Fabbrica del Vapore
ZERO Free press